Dermatologists Sans Borders started as a closed and curated facebook group in 2006. Now @DermSB is one of the largest curated and strictly moderated online groups of skin care professionals. When most similar social media groups ignore patient privacy rights by posting clinical images, often without consent, we stand apart as a responsible group of skincare professionals with strict rules and code of conduct enforced by a group of dermatologists from different parts of the world. @DermSB is now present on various social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus.[Links on your left top corner] This is the peer-reviewed blog associated with DermSB.

Our group of contributors review products, devices and technologies. We also allow sponsored posts and customer surveys. All posts on this blog will be automatically shared with our facebook group comprising 10,000 members, with comment sync. Please contact us if you want your product/device reviewed or if you want to conduct a survey exclusively on skin care professionals.

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How to contribute (Dermatologists Only)

  • You have to join DermSB on Facebook first and contribute to our discussions before you join this website. Contact Us for an account with your facebook profile link. [Example:]
  • You can contribute articles as a guest. Our facebook banner displays the username and password needed to login as a guest.
  • If you just want our editors to take note of an article/product/information, just tweet to @dermsb
  • Login. [Top left corner.]
  • Click on Post → Add New to create your post.
    • Once you finish
      click on Submit to workflow
      Select DermSB workflow at the top dropdown.
      Assign it to one or more reviewers
      Add other details.
      Click Submit.
    • Tweets mentioning @dermsb will be automatically added as a draft tweet for modification.
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  • Feel free to experiment. There is nothing you can break that we can’t fix. BTW, Please update your profile, (Not applicable for guest account) with a brief bio and a 10 year old picture 😉 All contributing author profiles will be displayed with posts. This could be the best SEO for your clinic website.

Histopathology and Dermoscopy Editors (Dermatologists Only)

  • Click on Gallery -> Manage Gallery (choose histopathology or dermoscopy).
  • Check here occasionally for any uploads from our users.
  • Remove the tick box ‘Exclude’ to display the image on the website.
  • Click on publish to create a post with the image.

Instructions to Contributors:

  • Do not share your login name and password.
  • Please note that this blog is indexed by Altmetric. If you review a journal article it will be reflected in the articles altmetric score.
  • The posts must be related (in some way) to skin care.
  • The editor reserves the right to delete/edit posts.
  • Use a single image (with appropriate attribution) 640 x 320 px in a single post. Please contact editor for assistance. Editor would add appropriate image if no image is included in the post.
  • Please choose only one of the available categories.
  • Please avoid using any copyrighted material on this blog.

Charter and Code of Conduct

Do not post Clinical Images directly here. Please use LesionMapper(TM) to place lesion images on a body map along with other clinical information. You can either place the auto-generated link from LesionMapper(TM) or the downloaded image here. ( ). Contact Admin if you need assistance.

Dermatologists sans Borders (#DermSB) is a group for those directly associated with the speciality of Dermatology. DsB is one of the oldest, closed, strictly moderated and curated groups in Dermatology. There is no geographic, political, cultural or social preferences. DermSB is for young dermatologists (and those young at heart) and encourages an informal yet meaningful discussion.

DermSB respects the privacy of patients. As privacy settings and masking of clinical photographs on a social media can be quite complicated,DermSB has a strict policy on posting clinical photographs, even if the photograph does not show the face. Please use LesionMapper(TM) to place lesion images on a body map along with other clinical information. You can either place the auto-generated link from LesionMapper(TM) or the downloaded image here. ( ). Contact Admin if you need assistance.

Any information provided in this group is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider.

When you post in Arabic (or any language other than English), please post an English translation too, along with the original script. You can use the Google translate service available here:

Please see links to social media channels on the top of this page.

  • Use Linkedin for Job advertisements.
  • Use Google Plus for promotional materials

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