Patient privacy
In a small town called payyanur in Kerala, INDIA, three doctors were suspended for allegedly sharing a labour room video of triplets being delivered by C-section on social media. The powerful local media rebuked the medical community for their irresponsible behaviour. Is taking clinical photos on your mobile second nature […]

Time to respect your patient privacy

The crowdsourcing process in eight steps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In our discussion on the #DicoDerm initiative we discussed the challenges of the newly emerging online dermatology diagnosis. We also touched upon the growing importance of crowdsourcing in dermatological diagnosis.  As the facebook kawasaki diagnosis story demonstrates crowdsourcing is here to […]

DermGrandRounds – Gamified Dermatology Diagnosis

nerves of left upper extremity (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The medical knowledge is never static. Most of the drugs we prescribe today were not even there few years back. Personalized medicine is just around the corner, though he is taking a lot of time to come out of the corner. Many […]

The Loyalty of Anatomy

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Westlake Dermatology Prep Oval 003 (Photo credit: Associated Fabrication) DICODerm is gathering steam. Thanks for all the contributions from +Apratim Goel, +Feroze Kaliyadan, +Geraldine Jain and +Sunaina Hameed. Special thanks to +Feroze Kaliyadan for the contributions on positioning standards. Will work on it some more and get some technical expert to have a look. […]

Evaluating Industry Attractiveness of Cosmetic Dermatology: an India & Middle ...

Listen2Me (Photo credit: beapen) During my early days in dermatology, I used to notice a rare condition being written as diagnosis by a senior colleague for few patients on their file. The condition was called GOK. I had absolutely no idea what this elusive condition GOK was, and I asked […]