Causes of hair loss?

A lot of patients visiting us have this common question, about what triggered hair loss in them, before discussing the causes of hair loss for the reader, I would first like to explain that there are two phenomena, the first is hair shedding and the second one is hair loss.

Most of the times patients are suffering from hair shedding which is a reversible phenomenon and can be fixed by following simple medication and by opting a healthy lifestyle.

Usually, excessive hair shedding can be observed for a few weeks to a few months and after things get back to normal hairs naturally start restoring.

Causes of hair shedding include excessive weight loss within weeks or a few months, childbirth, increased stress level, because of a recent surgical procedure, medication, recovering from severe illness.

While on the other hand hair loss is a phenomenon that doesn’t restore naturally and a patient might have to undergo treatment surgical or nonsurgical to regain the lost hairs.

Causes of hair loss include

  1. Heredity is the most common and known cause for hair loss, patients start observing it when they age, and the pattern of hair loss is very predictable bald spots and residing hairline in men and hair thinning in women, known as male and female pattern baldness.
  2. A medical condition or something that causes a hormonal imbalance in the body can trigger permanent hair loss, conditions include menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid, alopecia areata for patchy hair loss, trichotillomania, or scalp infection ringworm.
  3. Drugs side effect from medication for high blood pressure, gout, depression heart problem, cancer and arthritis
  4. Chemotherapy or any radiation therapy to head
  5. Physical and emotional shock can also trigger permanent hair loss, such as an accident or death of someone.
  6. Too Much Care, we always say that anything in access can harm, so better before taking any extra measure to restore your lost hair consult an experienced surgeon

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