koebner phenomenon

The Koebner Phenomenon

May 17, 2016 Guest Author 0

The Koebner phenomenon also called Koebner response, isomorphic phenomenon, and isomorphic response belongs to the well-known entities of dermatology and is closely related to the person […]

Tasleem’s water jet sign

Tasleem’s water jet sign

August 11, 2015 Guest Author 4

While giving local anesthesia to the site of wart, we observed that sometimes the local anesthetic spills out back through the verrucous surface of the wart like a jet of water which was referred referred to as ‘Water Jet Sign’.

2+ patch test


August 27, 2014 Bell Eapen 0

  Back in the dark ages, when I was doing my PG in Manipal, we had something that very few dermatology departments had at that […]