2+ patch test
2+ patch test reaction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: 2+ patch test reaction
English: 2+ patch test reaction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Back in the dark ages, when I was doing my PG in Manipal, we had something that very few dermatology departments had at that time. The IQ Chamber for applying the European Standard Series on your back to find out what you are allergic to, aptly called a patch test. We published the largest Indian collection (then) of footwear dermatitis results.  ***self promotion 🙂

Much water has flown down the River Netravati, and patch test has become a common part of dermatology practice. Though we made our own Indian Standard Series, the chambers had to come all the way from Sweeden and USA, reminding us of our inadequacies. But a CRO from Mumbai – CLAIMS claims that the plastic, our own Reliance makes, is as good as their Swedish cousin.

Though this seems relatively straight forward hypothesis to test, CLAIMS has done a remarkably good job in the study design, execution and statistical analysis. Kudos to the CLAIMS team for conducting and publishing this study, though I personally feel the article published in IJDVL (1) could have been improved. Besides a disclaimer that Chamber X is going to be (is being) used/marketed by CLAIMS Pvt. Ltd as “Claims Chambers” would have been appropriate.

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