The Vitiligo Vaccine

April 15, 2013 Bell Eapen 1

Despite years of research, Vitiligo is still an enigma. Vitiligo could well be the most “serious” cosmetic disorder of the skin, in terms of the […]

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This blog has moved

March 5, 2010 Bell Eapen 0

This blog is now located at You will be automatically redirected in 30 seconds, or you may click here. For feed subscribers, please update […]

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Pitted keratolysis

June 20, 2008 Bell Eapen 0

Pitted keratolysis is caused by a cutaneous infection with Corynebacterium and Actinomyces. It is often associated with hyperhidrosis. It is common in this part of […]

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Speckled lentiginous nevus

May 9, 2008 Bell Eapen 0

Speckled lentiginous nevus is a patch of hyperpigmentation representing a localized defect in neural crest melanoblasts. Several black or brown macules are seen within a […]

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Lichen Planopilaris

May 9, 2008 Bell Eapen 0

Lichen Planopilaris is a type of follicular lichen planus causing hair loss, sometimes permanent. Reactions to chemicals or certain drugs can cause this type of […]