PRP in Alopecia Areata

I have blogged about the probability of PRP being an effective modality for hair loss through its wider indications in cosmetic dermatology are less convincing. A new study has demonstrated that PRP may be useful in Alopecia Areata as well. The study published in BJD compares PRP to intralesional Triamcinolone and placebo and demonstrates the superiority of PRP.[1] Though it is a pilot study with less power, the Ki-67 an excellent marker to determine the growth fraction of a given cell population was included as a secondary outcome measure.

Objective assessment of alopecia and its response to treatment is very difficult and is not often sensitive enough. Changes in hair mass are influenced by both the density and diameter of the hair. A new device called HairCheck can measure and represent hair calibre and hair density together in a single number. Here is a study that demonstrates the use of HairCheck.[2] The authors have named this method cross-section trichometry (CST) a less attractive name than the device itself!

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