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What is Dermatologists Sans Borders?
Dermatologists Sans Borders (DermSB) is a social media group of skin care professionals with more thanĀ 10,000 members on Facebook. This is a blog associated with the group. Invited contributors and DermSB members, please submit your content below. Please include your short profile (not exceeding 25 words) with the post. The blog posts are peer-reviewed by our administrators.

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Rules of Posting Etiquette for DermSB Facebook Group:

Clinical Images:
DO NOT post unpublished clinical images. We respect patient privacy.
This forum is strictly not for patients to discuss skin problems

What is the preferred writing style?

Since this is a blog, an informal writing style is preferred. The length of the post can be anywhere between 300 to 1500 words. You can provide up to 3 external links. Linking to your article is preferred using DOI. Though you may not reveal all the findings of your study or all details of your product, the post in itself should be informative and complete. Avoid using any copyrighted materials.

What are the advantages of guest posting on DermSB?
DermSB is indexed by Altmetric.com and TrendMD.com . Hence an article review here will increase its altmetric score and popularity. All articles posted here will be auto-shared in our Facebook group with two-way comment sync giving you maximum exposure to the skincare community.

Will the post appear in my name? Can I add my profile?
The author-box at the bottom will display guest author along with your profile. Please include your profile [2-3 lines, with up-to 2 external links] as the last paragraph of your post. [Sample]

Can I post advertisements and conference invitations?
Conference announcements are allowed only through our blog. Please use the form aboveĀ to post conference announcements. All approved posts would be automatically shared in the Facebook group. Posting is free for free conferences, but for those with a registration fee need to donate an amount equal to one delegate registration fee for approval. You can use paypal below to contribute. Please contact us before you post promotional content or advertisements.

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We thank you for your contributions!

We reserve the rights to reject/remove any contributed post. Please read our terms and conditions.

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