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The White Review

April 22, 2012 Bell Eapen 0

Leukoderma may be congenital but, often, it is aggravated or even triggered due to negligence. here are some tips on how to deal with white […]

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Erasing the clouds

October 20, 2011 Bell Eapen 0

From chemical peels to laser deals, there are quite a few options to treat pigmentation. Sometimes, though, improvement can be a more realistic endpoint than […]

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The Dark Side

July 1, 2011 Bell Eapen 1

Skin pigmentation can be an unwelcome spot in your relentless pursuit of flawless skin. Some causes may be rarer than others — but they can […]

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Shades of darkness

June 4, 2011 Bell Eapen 0

War (Photo credit: beapen) Do you have pigmentation on your face? I am sure you do. ‘Pigmentation’ is yet another term within the realm of […]