Magnet on the skin
Here is an interesting case report [1] of a mechanic with metallic foreign bodies detected by a surface scan with a magnet. There is an image in the article that shows a magnet hanging from his finger where a foreign body was identified. He should be careful during the screening in […]

Magnet hanging on the skin

Showcase your research
Showcasing your journal articles is important for better visibility. Traditionally, academic conferences were the best medium for showcasing research. Publication in reputed journals also ensures visibility. However with the deluge of journals in various specialities, publication in a good journal does not guarantee popularity. Besides, excellent articles published in low impact journals […]

Showcase Your Journal Article on DermSB

Fingerprints in dermatology
 Dermatoglyphics – the scientific study of fingerprints, beyond the realm of crime scene investigations,  is important in dermatology too. Hand dermatitis associated fingerprint changes is a significant problem and affects fingerprint verification processes. So a dermatologist’s opinion may be relevant in such cases! This study describes a useful prediction model […]

CSI: Las Vegas and Dermatoglyphics