Dermal Filler

Role of Hyaluronic Acid Treatment in the Prevention #Keloid Scarring #DermSB via @beapen #157621782 / Hyaluronic acid as a volume enhancer is an important tool in any dermatologist’s armamentarium. This interesting in vitro study demonstrated that HA has the potential to normalize some of the characteristic features of keloid […]

Role of Hyaluronic Acid Treatment in the Prevention Keloid Scarring

Human fibroblast (Photo credit: glyn_nelson) Dermal fillers are an important tool in the armamentarium of an aesthetic dermatologist in the management of ageing skin these days and its popularity is on the rise. But among dermal fillers the safe materials are short lasting while long lasting materials are not really […]

Filling the Gap

Here is a quick review of few interesting articles before I go into peptides again. Example of dark circles (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (1) Dark circles is a common and difficult to treat cosmetic concern. Many factors are incriminated including transparency of periorbital skin and microcirculatory disturbance. It may also be […]

Dark Circles, Omalizumab, PRP, Metformin and Dermal Fillers