The Loyalty of Anatomy

nerves of left upper extremity
nerves of left upper extremity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The medical knowledge is never static. Most of the drugs we prescribe today were not even there few years back. Personalized medicine is just around the corner, though he is taking a lot of time to come out of the corner. Many theories have been shattered and new ones made. As I posted last week, the mitotic activity of the good old basal cells is highly suspicious!

Though I never trusted the loyalty of physiology or pharmacology, I used to respect anatomy. Ulnar nerve has remained ulnar nerve over the years. It still remains medial to the triceps tendon and will remain so for ever. So for me anatomy was loyal and reliable. Unfortunately not any more.

In the initial days of my PG, in the first few pages of Moschella, I read about the superficial and deep vascular plexus of the skin. Like most things in anatomy, I believed it without actually seeing it. I trusted Moschella to have seen it all. But this article(1) make me doubt the loyalty of anatomy in general and also suspect everything in dermatology that I have not seen with my own eyes!

1. Geyer, SH. “The dermal arteries of the human thumb pad.” 2013. 

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