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I am not a social media expert by any stretch of imagination. But two recent articles in Dermatology Times – (Clinical Analysis for today’s skin care specialists), got me excited. The site tacitly admits that social media has almost become clinical.

One article highlights the fact that social media is unreliable as an indicator of your worth as a dermatologist, because disgruntled clients are more likely to comment on social media than satisfied ones. Googling your own name is mooted as a simple way of keeping an eye on your online reputation, my (secret) narcissistic daily pursuit. [Link ]

The second article spells out some candid suggestions for dermatologists to follow to improve their social media presence. Be a friend and a doctor, instead of being an advertisement is a sensible suggestion. I also liked the authors suggestion of promoting the dermatologists’ artistic hobbies online to reinforce aesthetic expertise! I am sure I have found many such artistic and not-so-artistic (mis)adventures of my dermatology friends (myself included) on facebook! [Link]

Sorry for not delivering the promised continuation of the dermatology industry series. Will try to do that soon. Did you notice that Step 1 has almost become a rule 🙂 Freaking awesome dermatology clients rock!

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