Lesion Area Finder

Lesion Area Finder (LAF) is an application to find the area of lesions such as ulcers and vitiligo from digital photographs with an embedded scale. You may upload images (choose file and upload) or load the default image by clicking just upload. Doubleclick on two points on the scale 1 cm apart for calibration. Trace the border of all lesions with mouse pressed. Doubleclick at the centre to shade. Click on calculate. Watch the demo video below.

Demo Video


Default Image: Dr.ASHIQUE.K.T. | Consultant Dermatologist | KIMS ALSHIFA Super Speciality Hospital.
Sketch.js : http://intridea.github.io/sketch.js/ by Michael Bleigh and Intridea, Inc.
mark E @ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15603483/calculate-the-number-of-pixels-inside-a-shape-drawn-on-html5-canvas
William Malone (www.williammalone.com)