DermSB respects the privacy of patients. As privacy settings and masking of clinical photographs on a social media can be quite complicated, DsB has a strict policy on posting clinical photographs, even if the photograph does not show the face. Please use LesionMapper (TM) to place lesion images on a body map along with other clinical information. You can either place the auto-generated link from LesionMapper(TM) or the downloaded image.

How to crop a lesion from your image:

(1) Click on Upload Image 1 (Blue Button)
(2) Upload your image. Select only the lesion and follow instructions. (In the new window)
(3) Click on Upload 1 (White button). Image will be added to canvas. If not press the button again.
(4) Drag the image to the area of involvement. You can resize the image if needed.
(5) Click on the Download button (A small button right below the image). You can also save it on the site. You will be provided with an ID that can be used to render the image by clicking on Load.