Riehl’s melanosis

Riehl’s melanosis, now synonymous with pigmented contact dermatitis is an entity, not probably studied extensively. It is more common in people with a dark complexion and sensitizing chemicals in cosmetics are incriminated. It was common in Europe during world war II and the incidence reduced with the end of the war.
However, this is a very common problem in South Indian and the expatriate population in the Gulf. In this region, it is more common in males. Due to its predilection for forehead just above the eyebrows, some of us call it seborrhoeic melanosis attributing it to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to seborrhoeic dermatitis.


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  1. Yes you are absolutely right.This is extremely common in Indians.Our people are very fond of using ‘Fair and Lovely’cream,both sexes.We have evaluated these patients by doing patch testing with standard series,cosmetic series and patient’s own cosmetics as is and found several positives ,even to F/L cream.

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