SAHA Syndrome

Today I will post some details about SAHA syndrome which I feel is relatively common here.
Seborrhoea, acne, hirsutism and alopecia or SAHA syndrome predominantly occurs in young and middle-aged women. In addition to its association with polycystic ovaries, the condition can also be associated with infertility, cystic mastitis and obesity.

Four types are described
(1) idiopathic,
(2) ovarian,
(3) adrenal, and
(4) hyperprolactinemic SAHA.
The HAIRAN syndrome has been currently described as a fifth variant with polyendocrinopathy.

The patient needs a hormonal screen (testosterone [free and total], DHEAS, androstenedione, LH:FSH ratio) and screening for insulin resistance and fasting lipid profile. Management strategies include a low glycaemic index diet, exercise and metformin.
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