Chronic Folliculitis of Legs (CFL / DCPA)

Chronic folliculitis of legs, though not uncommon in India, is not frequently seen in the same expatriate population in Gulf. This is a case I saw few days back. However he complained that lesions appeared only when he is in gulf and disappeared completely while in India! PUVA and Co-Trimoxazole have found to be useful in reducing recurrence. Co-Trimoxazole retains high sensitivity in this region probably because of decreased use.

The combination of pentoxifylline with ciprofloxacin was found to be superior in initial response as well as prevention of recurrence. (Ref: 20944248 [PubMed] )

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  1. This is chronic atrophic folliculitis of legs.In our set up we see this entity in fishermen(due to salt water contact) and in farmers (due to paddy and mud contact).Only when these people are off the work for more than 15 days , it tends to subside but starts within few days after restarting the work.After many years, as all the follicles undergo atrophy, the disease disappears for ever(i.e. in old fishermen.)Regular waxing/plucking the hairs from the root keeps the disease under control.Antibiotics work till they are given.

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