Geographic tongue

Geographic tongue is a relatively common benign condition which may cause significant psychological morbidity. Though often asymptomatic, some may complain of burning sensation or irritation with hot or spicy food as in this patient. He also had a median fissure which is a frequent association. He also gave history of recurrent oral ulcers.

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  1. Though it is trivial, as you have mentioned, it does lead to anxiety and psychological trauma. At the same time, it is difficult to treat. I just counsel my patients about the benign nature of the disease. Venegar and sour food may aggravate it. Is it variant of psoriasis?

  2. Uday puligadda said…

    this is curable. it has treatment. I suggested my treatment to one patient with severity, it is 100% subsided. but may reoccur, only thing just be cautious.
    what to cure
    take sprouted grains like green gram, soya, mustard etc,any kind for daily morning just one cup full. You can see beautiful result in 15days.

    preparation. for green grams soak them in water 16-18hrs then transfer to plain dry plate spread evenly cover with moist cloth under normal room temp 25-37C for 20-24hrs usually untill they have long roots

    precaution: the sprouted grains should have very lengthy roots at time of consumption i.e. should allow them to grow with max root usually of half to one inch for green gram. other wise people will feel is very important.

  3. I’ve had it since birth but everyone else says they woke up with it one morning. And I’ve had mine since i was born (16 years old). Is that weird?

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