Lupus Vulgaris

This 18 yr girl was brought for asymptomatic lesion on left elbow since last 3 months.It was a small papule to begin with, then grew slowly but steadily to attain present size. There is spontaneous healing with atrophy in the upper half .Secondary infection at the lower border is since last 5 days,Another small lesion inferior to the main lesion is post traumatic ecthyma (since 10 days.)There is no h/o injury prior to the main lesion.She also developed slightly tender matted epitrochlear lymphadenopathy 1month after the onset of the lesion.She had taken Anti tubercular treatment for 9 months(1 yr back )for pulmonary Kochs.Her father also had pulmonary Kochs. Posted by Picasa

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  1. its a common site . and may be treated with category 3 of dotslesoins appear similar and there has been a case recoredd with multiple plaques with palatal perforation

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