The PeelScore (TM) is a grading system for dermatological devices and products. Peel score can be used for technologies on the drawing board and for those available in the market. This has been modified to rate journal articles too. The five peels or grades can be roughly translated as below. Please Visit for more details or add a PeelScore rating code to your website.

1 peel:

Device/Product: Utter nonsense! Washing your face in normal water may give better results.
Eg: Homeopathy for fairness.

Journal Article: Makes no sense at all

2 peels:

Device/Product: Believe, and you may receive (results)!. No sound theoretical basis, but unlikely to be harmful.
Eg: Mesotherapy.

Journal Article: Methodology is inadequate to prove hypothesis.

3 peels:

Device/Product: Powerful in the right hands. Worth giving it a try.
Eg: Laser Hair Removal

Journal Article: Good study with doubtful practical application.

4 peels:

Device/Product: Good technology. Results not too far from the claims.
Eg: Fractional laser for skin rejuvenation.

Journal Article: Good study with reasonable practical applications.

5 peels:

Device/Product/Journal Article: Game changer.
Eg: Botulinum Toxin

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