NB UVB in Children

This 10 year old patient presented to me with a vitiligo patch of diamension 8cm x 4 cm. She had evidence of dental infection which was corrected first. I was reluctant to start her on Narrow Band UVB. However recent studies have demonstrated its efficacy and safety in children. I started her on a weekly once regimn with excellant results as shown here (Pre treatment photograph is not available.) However lesion still remains over the area of elastic band of the goggles! Posted by Picasa

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  1. Recently a study was conducted to identify the 10 most important research areas in vitiligo. Here is the list.

    1. How effective are systemic immunosuppressants in treating vitiligo?
    2. How much do psychological interventions help people with vitiligo?
    3. Which treatment is more effective for vitiligo: light therapy or calcineurin inhibitors?
    4. How effective is ultraviolet B therapy when combined with creams or ointments in treating vitiligo?
    5. What role might gene therapy play in the treatment of vitiligo?
    6. How effective are hormones or hormone-related substances that stimulate pigment cells (melanocyte-stimulating hormone analogues, afamelanotide) in treating vitiligo?
    7. Which treatment is more effective for vitiligo: calcineurin inhibitors or steroid creams/ointments?
    8. Which treatment is more effective for vitiligo: steroid creams/ointments or light therapy?
    9. How effective is the addition of psychological interventions to patients using cosmetic camouflage for improving their quality of life?
    10. How effective is pseudocatalase cream (combined with brief exposure to ultraviolet B) in treating vitiligo?

    Eleftheriadou, V., Whitton, M., Gawkrodger, D., Batchelor, J., Corne, J., Lamb, B., Ersser, S., Ravenscroft, J., Thomas, K. and on behalf of the vitiligo priority setting partnership (2011), Future research into the treatment of vitiligo: where should our priorities lie? Results of the vitiligo priority setting partnership. British Journal of Dermatology, 164: 530–536. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2133.2010.10160.x

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