Hi All

Hi All
Blog or weblog is a kind of online diary which everybody can read and post comments. However I do not intend to maintain this as a personal diary. If we can make this a common forum for all of us to post interesting cases it will be very useful and interesting. We have Shruti Madam as a very active member of this blog and we can all benefit from her experience. I have sent invitations to all with a valid email address but only 2 have responded so far. Once you are a member you can post pictures and cases to the blog and not just comments (For which you do not need membership).
Posting a case on this blog is as simple as clicking a button. You need to download free software called Picasa from http://picasa.google.com/ . If you know me personally and want to join this Blog as a contributor please contact me.
Finally a word of caution to all existing contributors. Please remember that this is a public forum accessible to everyone on the internet. Hence take maximum care to mask the identity of the patient in the picture (and please DO NOT include any personal details in the text). Sometimes a black band across the eyes may not mask the identity adequately. If you are not sure how to mask the identity, please mail the photo to me before posting it on the blog.
Please note that only recent posts will be available on this page. Links to the archives are available on the left menu.
Regards & Happy Blogging

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