Notes from BJD Jan 2006

Notes from BJD Jan 2006 154(1) Part – I
Today I got the last of three free issues of BJD with a hand written note from the publisher. There was no personal email ID. I wish to Thank Mr Phil Wright (Senior Marketing Manager, Blackwell Publishing Ltd) for sending me copies of BJD. Hope this page shows up on his name search sometime.
I was never interested in animal models in dermatology. Rabbit ear (comedones) and nude mice (Leprosy) were my professor’s favorites. Today I read about NC/Nga mouse model for Atopic Dermatitis. I never thought it will be possible to come out with an animal model for such a complex disorder like Atopic Dermatitis. I also read about Acquired bilateral naevus of Ota like macules or Hori naevus common in women. The name aptly describes the condition. A study of PUPPP (181 patients) documented its two phased presentation. Initial urticarial response and later vesicular – eczematous response.
I will post notes on the rest of the articles later. Now over to some bimatics blogging.
I was reading about the use of niacinamide in BP and CP. Local niacinamide is available here. Will it be useful for the above conditions?

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