Follicular Lesions

A 36 year old male patient with these unilateral follicular lesions of 4 months duration over the shin. What is your diagnosis? Posted by Picasa

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  1. Other D.D.s
    1.Friction related
    2.folicular l. p.
    3.follicular mucinosis
    Is it pruritic? There is alopecia.
    I would give moisturiser in the day and retinoic acid 0.025 % in the night along with oral vit A. then if no response I will go for biopsy.

  2. The ddx for a non-inflammatory follicular eruption would be
    Keratosis pilaris
    lichen spinulosa,
    follicular LP,
    hypovitaminosis A, and
    patchy pityriasiform lichenoid eczema.
    For the inflammatory follicular lesion in this location I would consider folliculitis and DCPA if the eruption heals with atrophy.

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