Polymorphous Light Eruption (PLE / PMLE)

Differentiation of PLE on pigmented skin from Actinic LP can be tricky without a biopsy as the second condition is also fairly common in India and Gulf. On fair skin PLE is described as ‘pink or red raised spots’ [ http://dermnetnz.org/reactions/pmle.html ] but the pink hue is never appreciable on pigmented skin. PLE is generally pruritic and involves photo exposed areas, often sparing the face as in the above case. Actinic LP is non-pruritic and commonly involves the face as the case posted below (http://www.gulfdoctor.net/blog/2006/01/diagnosis.html ).

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  1. ple has got its name due to its morpholology. it always changes its display, therefore named.
    it can be– redish/pink/dark brown & raised spots ,
    it can be extremely small transparent dots on skin like a colony.
    on itching the affected area, u’d get redness in the nearby areas as well.
    if skin is badly damaged , then stroids are the only to save you otherwise if conditions is not too bad, then avoid sunlight and be happy.
    Also avoid any device or instrument which emit UV OR X rays (generally working in LABS).

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