Hyper pigmentation in neonate

This 17 days old baby girl developed such mottled hyper pigmentation on face and rest of the body since last 2 days. There is no h/o prior rash. There is h/o fever on day 5 after birth for which baby was admitted by pediatrician and she received 5 days course of ampicillin, Inj.Gentamycin and Inj.Ceftrioxone. It was normal delivery but at 36th week of gestation. Except for pigmentation she was otherwise normal.

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  1. Early onset, bizarre pigmentation in a girl – first thing I can think of is incontinentia pigmenti. TMEP (Telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans ) has rarely been reported in children, though I am not sure whether it will appear so early in life.

  2. I remember I saw a similar condition in an infant a few months earlier. I thought it was mastocytosis(UP) as the child was irritable and I could even elicit a Darier sign. There was a temporary relief with mild topical steroids but the pigmentation was persistent. What about this case?

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