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I started skin deep blog in 2006. I was new to blogging that time. I used to post interesting cases on this blog. Few of my friends joined me and I started an offshoot called the ‘hair loss blog’. Over the years skin deep blog has grown significantly in popularity reaching the first 3 in google search for dermatology blogs and on 2010 I started displaying paid ads from adhitz. Recently the blogger platform stopped support for FTP blogs like skin deep. I stopped posting during the migration process. The migration process has now been completed but the url has been changed to I am not sure about the impact of this change on link popularity.

There is no dearth of internet sites offering clinical photographs and related information on dermatological disorders. I recently introduced a new concept called DermaFiction on the gray zone between medicine and fiction. I will explain the concept of DermaFiction in my next post. I used the associatedcontent platform for DermaFiction. To cut the long story short, I am planning to migrate the DermaFiction series of stories from associatedcontent to this blog. If you find the concept interesting, feel free to join skin deep as a contributor. Welcome to the new skin deep blog.

My Other blogs are
1.Hair loss blog:
2.Bioinformatics blog:
3.Cosmetology blog: (Hosted by my laptop, may not be available all the time.


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