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Lumenis One IPL handpiece
Lumenis One IPL handpiece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last week I discussed the role of plain light of various wavelengths in the maintenance of a healthy skin. Now I will discuss more intense and advanced forms of light therapy, useful not just for cosmetic treatments but also for more serious skin diseases.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology as the name suggests, utilizes high intensity light over a short duration. Though strictly speaking IPL is not Laser, most of the precautions for Laser need to be followed for IPL treatments also. IPL is mostly used as a cheaper alternative for Laser Hair Removal. It can also be useful in some cases of acne and broken veins. Paradoxically it may even be useful in reversing the effects of photo-ageing. Since IPL emits light of different wavelengths, it is difficult to specifically target different tissues though certain modifications of this technology (VPL) claim to achieve this in a different innovative way.

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