Hair fall – The root pressure theory (Part – I)

Trichoscopy image of alopecia areata
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Hair fall (the common baldness or pattern alopecia) is a common but extremely distressing condition in both men and women alike. I have written about it in the local newspaper. It is all in your genes or ‘your hormones’ is what we usually hear from the doctors, friends and your dog. We read it all the time in the media. 
When I was in India on vacation last month, I counted 5 different advertisements of hair loss medicines in the local TV channel each promising natural hair re-growth. One claimed to be a condensed form of oil, distilled 6 times. Some advertisements were quite hilarious. But I was surprise to see 3 bottles getting sold from a pharmacy right in front of my eyes while I was waiting to buy my Mom’s insulin. Hope these expensive bottles of hyper-distilled oils increase the local barber’s business.
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But this thread on the “root pressure theory” that may take several parts and several weeks to finish, is not about the hair-loss treatments. It is about a new theory on hair loss which may seem implausible in the beginning but after hearing my justifications, even you may turn into a believer! But before I start explaining the theory and throw the evidences in front of you, let me ask you a question? Can you or do you know anybody who can move their ears spontaneously? If yes, is that person bald? Haha.. How did I know that? Well, wait for part-II.

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