Dapsone and Eosinophils

After the series on PRP, I shall dedicate the next few posts to showcase the practical utilities of DermKnowledgeBASE (DKB). But DKB is still in its infancy and may greatly benefit from your expertise. Do take a look, if you have not done so before.

Tabletas de Dapsona 50mg
Tabletas de Dapsona 50mg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we shall try to find the answers to two common questions commonly asked during dermatology PG exam.

What are the dermatological indications of Dapsone?

What are the dermatological conditions associated with an eosinophilic infiltrate?

1. To query DKB please visit http://dermbase.gulfdoctor.net (Opens in a new window)
2. Click on ‘Query Builder’ You can see the button in the first row below the title.
3. Leave the first (left) field blank. Choose ‘has intervention’ from the drop down menu. Enter ‘Dapsone’ in the right column and click Submit.

Voila! The list should be in front of your eyes.

Image of an eosinophil
Image of an eosinophil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To find conditions with eosinophilic infiltrate, repeat steps (1) and (2) as above.

3. Leave the first (left) field blank. Choose ‘has feature’ from the drop down menu (default option). Enter ‘Eosinophilic’ in the right column and click Submit.

Remember that the list you see is self learnt by the system. Curators may be able to remove wrong entries and add missed ones. If you want to join DKB as a curator please let me know.

BTW, If you are too lazy, you can use the links below for a direct link to the list for Dapsone and Eosinophilic! In the next few posts I shall discuss how to do more complicated queries on DKB. Till then feel free to experiment to your heart’s content.

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