Dermatology Image Tagger - DIT 4
Do you find it difficult to keep track of your patient images when they come for follow up? Do you find it difficult to retrieve the right pictures for a conference presentation? Dermatology Image Tagger (DIT) is a free software for organizing dermatology clinical pictures and to solve these problems.

Dermatology Image Tagger

Free dermatology consultations 4
How do you deal with 1 (+1 free) consultation. Patients who come with spouse/parent/child/friend who also seeks consultation in the guise of “just an advice”, then refuse to pay consultation. In fact make you feel bad for even expecting a consultation! Then there are patients who bring pictures of out […]

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Showcase your research
Showcasing your journal articles is important for better visibility. Traditionally, academic conferences were the best medium for showcasing research. Publication in reputed journals also ensures visibility. However with the deluge of journals in various specialities, publication in a good journal does not guarantee popularity. Besides, excellent articles published in low impact journals […]

Showcase Your Journal Article on DermSB

TASCDerm 5
Clinical trials in cosmetic dermatology have some intrinsic limitations. Some of the prerequisites of an RCT such as blinding, allocation concealment and even randomization is difficult to achieve in cosmetic dermatology.  Hence some of the well known scales for the methodological assessment of clinical trials such as Jadad and CONSORT […]

Trial Assessment Scale for Cosmetic Dermatology – TASCDerm

Esophageal Involvement in Systemic Sclerosis & Morphea
Scleroderma is a connective tissue disorder characterized by increased collagen production leading to the thickening and hardening of skin and other organs. It comprises of a spectrum ranging from localized scleroderma (LS) at one end to the systemic sclerosis (SSc) with internal organ involvement, at the other extreme. Gastrointestinal tract […]

Esophageal involvement in Systemic Sclerosis and Morphea

acne scars 3
Though many cosmetic services claim that they can erase acne scars miraculously, acne scar is one of the most common and recalcitrant cosmetic dermatology problems. It affects 40-50 million people in United States alone. It is estimated that 95% of acne sufferers have some form of scarring. The gold standard for scar […]

Filling the Acne Scars

View image | Malignant melanoma is a common cancer of skin and it is one of the most debilitating, aggressive form. This is due to the fact that it is usually detected towards the terminal stage. An early diagnosis of malignant melanoma will help to subvert and reduce the […]

The Ugly Duckling sign in melanoma