What is Health 2.0?

medicine 2.0
medicine 2.0 (Photo credit: Medicine 2.0)

Health 2.0 is a novel concept that may revolutionise healthcare just as web 2.0 revolutionised the www. Bioinformaticians mooted personalised medicine as the holy grail for health sector and a distinct possibility in the not so distant future. I don’t know how distant the future is, but I can see ‘socialised’ medicine already in the horizon. It includes social media and related things such as blogs, health platforms, health websites and the healthcare apps in your iphone. Just as web 2.0 made internet experience more interactive, health 2.0 is set to make healthcare more participatory. I am eagerly waiting for the Health 2.0 conference in Middle East (January 27-28, 2013 in Dubai) and in Bangalore February 2013! . Here is an interview with the Director – International Events of Health 2.0.

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